Thursday, August 19, 2010

blueberry eyes?

I've been meaning to write this post for a while now...but I have a cute little man that has prevented me from getting any length of time at the computer to write. Let see...Ty is really starting to be more active and awake during the day. He loves looking around at Ruddley and I and he's also been smiling a lot too. He's got a dimple on the right side and a smaller one on his left side. I could really sit and look at him smile all day, I love it!

He's eating well...sometimes I feel like too well. He eats MANY times during the day and I'm trying to pump in between feedings. My boobs hate me! For a while I thought he was eating every 2 it's not so predictable. Of course he always wants to eat when we are out and about like at a restaurant, or on a walk, at the neighbors or at the concert in the park! Ugh! I said to Ruddley the other night how I would love to be able to go out and not have to feed him. I even try and be proactive and feed him right before we go out. ugh...oh well. That's life! We have just started trying him on a bottle so Ruddley can do some of the feedings and give me a little break:-)

Last weekend we went up to my parents house in hopes of going sailing. We were given a "newborn" life jacket from one of Ruddley's customers at work. We were all packed up, the boat cleaned out, and ready to go when my mom suggested trying the life jacket on him before we left to make sure it fit. It did not. Haha. Here he is trying it on. Mom and I were dying laughing:-)

the life jacket that doesn't quite fit yet:-)
resting on our family picnic
my mom and her boy

This week we went on a walk with Christine and Mackinna. Mackinna has declared she is a "baby hog" and loves little Ty. We also took Ty to his first Concert in the Park at the local park. We discovered that he really loves music. We met our neighbors Christine and her kids Mackinna and Kaden as well as Dan and Katie and their son Nicholas. Nicholas decided that Tyler has "blueberry eyes" and then pretended to eat them. It was pretty cute. At this point they are still a slate color but we are hoping he gets Ruddley's blue eyes!

daddy and ty at the Concert in the Park

Ty also went to his first Sea Dogs game over the weekend!! We had such a blast.

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