Wednesday, August 11, 2010

doctors, doctors and more doctors....

Ty had his 2 week checkup at his PCP yesterday as well as a follow up with the Cardiologist and today he had his weekly visit from the home health nurse. Phew. I learned a few things in the last 24 hours:
*don't schedule doctors appointments back to messes up our feeding schedule thus making a cranky Ty
*ty pees when he is when getting an EKG which he needed to be naked for.
*bring lots of extra diapers/extra outfits when going to the doctors. we went through 4 diapers and 3 outfits!

Overall all the appointments went well and even though I messed up our daily eat, sleep, poop, pee schedule Ty did very well. I had some time to kill between the PCP and Cardiologist so I went to visit people at work with Ty. It was nice to share him with everyone:-) He of course, slept through it all...again! We also bought a lullaby cd for him to listen to at night, hoping that it would help him get back to sleep (I was tired of trying to come up with songs to sing at 2:00am). I think he really likes it. He is currently next to me in his bouncy seat thinking about going to sleep and I have it playing. But really, who knew Twinkle Twinkle had so many verses!?

Yesterday after his appointments we met my mom and brother for lunch and then went to zach's doctors appointment and finally a nice walk around back bay! It was a busy day!!

Today the home health nurse came and gave him two thumbs up. He has cut our weekly visits back to every 2 weeks now! Even though Ty is a healthy baby overall it's been nice to have weekly medical support since I really have no idea what I am doing and learning as I go.

Results from all his appointments:
9.1 lbs
22 in
His heart murmur is about .5 millimeters big down from 1.0 millimeters and he wants a follow up in 8 months.

Overall a good day and today we will try and get back on our regular schedule!:-)

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