Wednesday, September 1, 2010

i should be sleeping!

Here's a quick update on life at the Emerson household! I should be sleeping since Ty just went down for a nap but I know Sarah checks this everyday and would love an update. Ohh Sarah, the things I do for you:-) Plus it's 95 degrees out and it's hard to sleep mid day.

Ty is 5 1/2 weeks today and a big bundle of joy. Greg (the home health nurse) measured him at 10.4lb last week. Last week? I think he came last week. Ha! Anyway, hes growing:-) He is spending a lot more time awake and looking around enjoying life. He smiles more and more each day and I love it. He has had some firsts this week. His first time being babysat by my awesome awesome friends/neighbors so that I could spend some time pampering myself!:-) Mackinna read him his first book (does it make me a bad mom that his first book was read to him 5 weeks into his life by a 5 year old?). She picked "small books" since he is a baby. Christine took some great pictures that I will post when I get them. He also had his first beach experience, he spent most of it sleeping in his car seat. ohhh the life. If only I could get him to sleep at night! Ahhhhh. I know he is not going to sleep through the night but he is getting up every 1-2 hours and spends about an hour awake each time he is up. I'm trying to start a bedtime routine, feed, bath, small bedtime snack and bed by 9-9:30pm. That is working. He sleeps until about 11:30-12:30 but after that he is up pretty frequently. So I welcome any and all suggestions.

He started taking a bottle which is exciting!! All this pumping/feeding was starting to hurt! I try and breastfeed when I can but use the bottle when I need a break. It also allows me to leave the house for a bit to go to the gym, run errands or go to the movies with Danielle. I think she would F.R.E.A.K if I fed him in the movie theater!:-) It also allows me to have a beer. MMMM just in time for pumpkinhead! Sooo goood!

On Friday we are going to visit his daycare. Oh boy I do not want to go back to work. I knew I would love being a mom, but seriously never thought I would want to stay home everyday. I've never been a huge baby person, but now that it's MY baby, I don't want to leave him. Daycare will be hard. It's about 3 miles from my work and its a home daycare. My friend Misty is also sending her baby Nadia there. It will be nice to have another mommy to talk to.

I don't have many recent pics because my camera battery died and I don't have a charger. I ordered one Monday from Amazon and so it should be here soon. Here are a few though:-)

milk drunk baby!:-)

lazy saturday morning

he loooves the bath!

torrey knows where to lay to get some attention. poor pup.

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  1. you will NOT be feeding him at the movies!!! and i really would like a bedtime routine like his... food, bath, snack, in bed by 9:30... sounds perfect :)


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