Wednesday, September 15, 2010

where did the last 8 weeks go??

i can't believe this is my last week of maternity leave. i'm a mess. a complete mess. 8 weeks is not enough time off. i'm sure i would think the same thing after 12 weeks....blah! i'm trying hard to be grateful that I have 8 weeks off, i know some people who only take a week or two. i am toying with the idea of changing my work schedule around so i can be with him more. i have to figure out some logistics first. over the last 2 weeks tyler has grown so much...

he laughs. he smiles. he dances. he giggles. he's perfectly content just starting at ruddley and i. he loves to grab onto shirt, my hair, the rings on his carseat, you name it. i never knew how in love with my kid i could be. anyone that knows me knows i am not a "omg look at your baby, i love him, he is so cute, i just wanna be with him all day" kind of person. yeah, i have always wanted kids and a family but i've never been overly gaga about other people's babies. until now. until he's mine. it's really a feeling i can't describe but any mom out there know's exactly what i am talking about.
last week was greg's last visit. tyler was 12.05lb, up from 9.0 at birth. he said he could still hear a little bit of his heart murmur but he didn't feel like it was too bad. we have a doctor's appointment next friday for his 2 month checkup so i'll have more details then. i do know he's growing though, i had to adjust the straps on his car seat a few weeks ago and move them up a notch. while it's nice to know my kiddo is growing, it makes me sad. i want him to be small forever. i don't want him to grow up. i feel like it's going to go by so fast and next thing i know he's going to college. i know, i know, he's only 7 weeks, get a grip sarah!

we are still working on the feeding and sleeping schedule. i know going to daycare will help him get on a more regular schedule...i hope. i really wonder how he will do at daycare??? he's never been away from me for more than 3 hours (which he screamed the entire time).

now that it's fall and i am putting real clothes on him and not just onsies he really looks older to me and more like a person and not a baby. i can't wait to see how he turns out (i know i just said i didn't want him to grow up...). i wonder what his personality will be. stubborn like his mom? hardworking like his dad? athletic like his mom and dad or be completely into things that we have no clue about!?? so many great things to look forward to. sunday my baby will be 2 months old!!

a few more days and it's back to real life again. i'll keep you posted.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hermit Island

Today I was supposed to run 4 miles and watch college football. When Christine called and asked if we wanted to hiking around Hermit Island I quickly decided that was a much better idea. Today was such a beautiful fall day, I couldn't pass up a hike with some of my favorite people. Ty and I went while Ruddley stayed home and worked on the house. We sure did miss him.

Our hike was beautiful!! I'm really not sure how far we went but we were out for about 3 1/2 hours. I think that's pretty impressive when you are hiking with a 3 and 5 year old. We defiantly got off the trail at times and ended up doing some serious rock climbing to get back on...all while carrying Tyler in the baby bjorn (shhh don't tell Ruddley!). At one point Christine says "this is kind of a difficult hike to be doing with a newborn". Oh well, we are hardcore and we made it! We hiked along the coast as much as we could which made for some beautiful pictures. We stopped at a few different beaches so the kids could play, Tyler could eat, and we could re hydrate ourselves.

Mackinna and Kaden. Super troopers hiking!

The Campbell's having some fun!

I seriously love Maine!

On the way back to the Campbell's campsite we saw 4 deer. We didn't just see them in the distance, they were right in front of us and didn't seem to scared. Mackinna on the other hand was not a fan and said "can we be loud so we scare them away"...haha such a cutie. Although, by the 4th deer she was not so bad.

Right behind this guy and his kid is one of the deer we saw. It was just standing in this campsite.

As expected, Ty slept through most of it...but he was a champ:-) I can't wait to take him camping next summer.

Mackinna and Tyler after a long day!

Friday, September 3, 2010

a morning with the campbells

Christine offered to babysit Tyler while I went out and did some pampering of myself. Mackinna took over the babysitting and read him his first book and changed diapers. She was pretty disappointed that he was not hungry while I was gone so that she could feed him.

I seriously have the best neighbors!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

My thought's exactly

I found this in a book that I am currently reading. I thought it was perfect after my post yesterday on our rough nights.

Hush, little Sara, don’t you scream,

Aren’t we supposed to be on the same team?

It’s after midnight and Mama’s gotta sleep,

Would you like a new pretty Jeep?

Your cries give Mama a hunch

That she’ll get into the office sometime around lunch.

Please let’s not make this a fight,

You’re just going to have to sleep through the night.

Because Mama’s gotta go back to her job

And your screams are making her head throb.

Mama would really love it if you could learn

To only cry when it’s your dad’s turn

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

i should be sleeping!

Here's a quick update on life at the Emerson household! I should be sleeping since Ty just went down for a nap but I know Sarah checks this everyday and would love an update. Ohh Sarah, the things I do for you:-) Plus it's 95 degrees out and it's hard to sleep mid day.

Ty is 5 1/2 weeks today and a big bundle of joy. Greg (the home health nurse) measured him at 10.4lb last week. Last week? I think he came last week. Ha! Anyway, hes growing:-) He is spending a lot more time awake and looking around enjoying life. He smiles more and more each day and I love it. He has had some firsts this week. His first time being babysat by my awesome awesome friends/neighbors so that I could spend some time pampering myself!:-) Mackinna read him his first book (does it make me a bad mom that his first book was read to him 5 weeks into his life by a 5 year old?). She picked "small books" since he is a baby. Christine took some great pictures that I will post when I get them. He also had his first beach experience, he spent most of it sleeping in his car seat. ohhh the life. If only I could get him to sleep at night! Ahhhhh. I know he is not going to sleep through the night but he is getting up every 1-2 hours and spends about an hour awake each time he is up. I'm trying to start a bedtime routine, feed, bath, small bedtime snack and bed by 9-9:30pm. That is working. He sleeps until about 11:30-12:30 but after that he is up pretty frequently. So I welcome any and all suggestions.

He started taking a bottle which is exciting!! All this pumping/feeding was starting to hurt! I try and breastfeed when I can but use the bottle when I need a break. It also allows me to leave the house for a bit to go to the gym, run errands or go to the movies with Danielle. I think she would F.R.E.A.K if I fed him in the movie theater!:-) It also allows me to have a beer. MMMM just in time for pumpkinhead! Sooo goood!

On Friday we are going to visit his daycare. Oh boy I do not want to go back to work. I knew I would love being a mom, but seriously never thought I would want to stay home everyday. I've never been a huge baby person, but now that it's MY baby, I don't want to leave him. Daycare will be hard. It's about 3 miles from my work and its a home daycare. My friend Misty is also sending her baby Nadia there. It will be nice to have another mommy to talk to.

I don't have many recent pics because my camera battery died and I don't have a charger. I ordered one Monday from Amazon and so it should be here soon. Here are a few though:-)

milk drunk baby!:-)

lazy saturday morning

he loooves the bath!

torrey knows where to lay to get some attention. poor pup.
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