Sunday, August 8, 2010

2 weeks old!

At this time 2 weeks ago, I was sound asleep drugged up on Ambien and Tylenol PM. Ruddley just pointed out to me that the first pitch of tonight’s ESPN Sunday Night baseball game with the Sox/Yankees is Ty's official 2 week birthday (8:00pm). So much has happened over the last 2 weeks...

When we arrived home from the hospital I still was having a very hard time getting around! I really felt like I had been run over a truck. My legs/feet were very swollen. Infact Penny had cut me back to part time at work the Thursday prior to my delivery since my feet didn't even fit in my crocs. While in the hospital they pumped so much fluid into me that it only got worse. It hurt to stand for any amount of time. I couldn't sit very well since I had so much stitching done. Laying down was my best option and even that hurt. My mom stayed with me for a few days and I honestly don't know what I would have done without her. I had no idea how difficult recovery would be. Thanks mom!:-) I took Ty to my mom and dads for a few days and he met lots of our family friends while we were home.

People keep asking us how Ty is doing and we really have no complaints. The first few nights he didn't want to sleep anywhere except in my arms or on my chest. Which makes sense since he spent the last 9 months curled up inside me. It was difficult for me to get some sleep at first. We are figuring out the eat, sleep, poop, pee schedule and things are getting better each day. He usually goes to sleep in his bassinet next to our bed around 9 or 10. He wakes up somewhere around 12 or 1 to eat and get changed. When he gets up, he is usually up for an hour or so and then goes back to sleep. At this point I usually bring him into bed, I find that he sleeps better there. He will usually sleep until 5 or 6 in the morning at which point Ruddley changes him and I feed him and then depending on the day we will usually go back to sleep until 8 or 9. Some nights are better then others, but overall we can't complain.

Ty has a home health nurse that comes weekly to check up on him. The first checkup he weighed 8.6lbs (down from 9.0 at birth). His last checkup he was up to 8.9lbs and I'm sure by now he is back to 9.0lbs if not more. He has been eating about every 2 hours and eats very well. The nurse has also been checking his heart rate, which is within the normal ranges. On Tuesday he has his first visit to the doctors and then he will go see his cardiologist. When I was in the hospital on Friday Penny noticed an arrhythmia in his heart and when he was born he had a heart murmur. The cardiologist in the hospital saw him and he didn't seem too worried about it and thinks he will grow out of it but wanted to see him in the office.

This weekend was the Beach 2 Beacon 10K a very popular road race along the coast of Maine There are 6000 runners from all over the world and it's extremely difficult to get in to. Ruddley and I both ran it last year, but for obvious reasons were unable to run it this year. However, we had so many friends running it this year so we went to watch. Ty slept through the whole thing, but I'm sure he loved it:-)

Here is a view from the finish line of the race. I love Maine!!

Ty also had his first bath last night (and yes, I googled, "how to give a baby a bath". Danielle I knooooow you would do the same thing:-)) He did not sleep through this. It was a short bath:-) Thanks Tanya for this great bath tub and accessories!:-)

OH! and his name...some people have asked me where his name comes from. Tyler is just a name that both Ruddley and I have liked for a long time, it really didn't have special meaning behind it. Ruddley's grandfather's name is Jack and having a family name as a middle name was important to me. Jack is very important in both of our lives and so we came up with Jackson.

And me? I've lost 26lbs over the last 2 weeks...24 more to go!

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