Tuesday, July 12, 2011

i am soooo behind on this blog! yikes! it's been a busy few months and blogging has been put on the back burner... however, if i hadn't been so busy here's what i would have blogged about...

i would have told you all about how ty is growing up way too fast. how he finds crawling much easier and faster then walking, so thats what he does. he crawls like a mad man everywhere. i would have told you that i fall more in love with his laugh everyday and i can't help but smile every time he gets laughing.

he already knows what touchdown means and cant wait for football season... but while we are waiting for football... we watch some baseball.

Ty also had his first trip to the beach over memorial day weekend! 

and while we weren't at the beach playing, we were at the park swinging and listening to the wednesday night summer concerts. two of tyler's favorite things.

i hope he never loses that smile, cause im kinda in love with it. he has 6 big, sharp teeth which he loves to grind. a nasty habit he picked up from his mom. ty has also discovered his lower lip and tries to use it to get what he wants whenever possible. luckily, this is also a habit his picked up from his mom and i am sooo tuned in to what he is trying to do. it's pretty damn cute though! of course i never have a camera around when he does it. mmm fail.

if i hadn't been so busy i would have also told you that i had back surgery in june and ty and i spent 3 weeks at my parents house. ty was able to spend lots of time with his grandparents and aunt and uncle. ty reminded his grandmother that she loves being a grandmother and not a mother to a baby. she and my dad were my arms for me since i wasn't (and still am not) allowed to lift more then 5 pounds which means he slept in their room.

despite how huge he is for his age, he is becoming quite the picky eater. he loves fruit, everything else is debatable. sometimes he likes eggs and the next day he hates them. one day he likes broccoli and the next day they get thrown in my face. ohhhh fun!

these of course are all things i would have blogged about if i hadn't been so busy! phew! can't believe my little man will be 1 year old soon!

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