Friday, May 13, 2011

ty finds great joy in the following things:
*ignoring all toys approved by his mom and dad and crawling to the nearest electrical outlet and playing with the cord that is currently plugged into it
*swinging in the baby swing at the park
*being gently tossed in the air
*being held upside down
*feeding himself real people food and not that baby junk ive been feeding him the last 9 months
*laughing to excess
*sleeping with his snuggie wrapped in his hands
*sleeping all night (win)
*all things music
*cuddling with mom or dad at bedtime and rocking
*the bath
*throwing toys on the floor and watching mom and dad pick them up. over and over and over again.
*putting anything and everything in his mouth, especially paper.
*grinding his teeth. (fail)
*late afternoon rides in the stroller
*playing with his friends at daycare

the last bunch of months ty has grown in so many ways. at his 9 month check up he was 22 pounds and 28 inches. it's so nice to finally get outside and play. he has 4 teeth that have come in and 2 more that have broken and are on their way.

i cant wait to dig in the dirt and play at the park this summer.

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