Monday, December 6, 2010

4 months

Can you believe it!? My baby Ty is 4 months old. He had his 4 month check up last week and he is doing well. Here are his stats...

Weight: 16.10lb
Height: 26in
Head: 17in

Lately Ty has gotten a kick out of talking to himself. He is now "sleeping" in his own room and Ruddley and I love to lay in bed in our room and listen to him babble himself to sleep. He has become quite the traveler as well. A few weekends ago we went to Philadelphia to visit my Aunt Sue and Papi Jack (a total of 9 hours in the car each way) and to watch the Philadelphia Marathon. Then 4 days later we went to New York to visit Ruddley's family for Thanksgiving (10 hours each way). I really can't complain about the car ride, he did so well. It's a good thing too because we love to travel, so he better get used to it. At 4 months he's already a pro at the whole road race thing. He has been to 4 races and 3 expos. 

I mentioned last month how he is such a happy baby and he continues to love life. He still hasn't mastered to art of rolling over yet, but he is so close. He loves his stuffed elmo and enjoys eating his feet. He laughs. He smiles. He loves his mom and dad. He has been spending time with our amazing neighbors and good friends Mark and Christine and their kids Mackinna and Kaden. They have been super helpful in watching Ty when we need it. Tyler loves to play with Mackinna and Kaden. 

We are slowly figuring out a good night time routine. I think it's just as helpful for me as it is for him. Even though I am still nursing him, I feed him a bottle at night to make sure he's getting what he needs before he goes to sleep. We do a bottle, I sing a few songs to him and rock for a little bit. Usually by 8:30 he's asleep. Not bad. 

Here are some pictures to recap November....


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