Saturday, November 6, 2010


On Wednesday...I'm pretty sure it was Wednesday...anyway...I somehow managed to get to daycare early. I decided I would spend some time and feed Tyler before I left to go to work. I sat there feeding him and chatted with Shanni when I heard the world loudest farts. Not one, but two of them. We both laughed and continued chatting. After a minute or so the farts starting smelling really really bad! Shanni was sitting across the room and could smell them. Tyler was still eating away and I figured as soon as he was done eating I would change it. I was running his back when I felt something wet. I took a look at my hand and noticed it had baby poop on it. Awesome. I hadn't even left daycare yet and he already needed a clothing change. I laughed with him for a little bit before I realized that I was headed to work and didn't have a chnage of clothes for ME in my car. I prayed that his poop didn't get on me. I picked him up and sure enough a big thing of poop on my lap. Awesome. I changed Tyler and left for work. I whipped out the Tide stain stick from my purse and prayed it worked as good and as quick as the commercials say it does. The whole way to work I was scrubbing my leg with the stain stick. I finally got to my office to notice a neon green stain still on my lap. Seriously?? I do my best to look somewhat put together when I get to work. Not so much on this day. I went to the nurses station where everyone laughed at me...I admit, I would laugh at me too! I spent the next 30 minutes scrubbing my pants with soap and water and still praying that it went away! Every morning we have a treatment team with the doctors, social workers and nurses and on this day we had outside providers coming in for the meeting. I must have looked sooooo professional to them. I'm sure they were thinking "Who is this poop stained girl taking care of my client!??". Ok, they probably didn't notice, but I felt like a moran! However...with luck the baby poop came out and I was poop stain free!! This wasn't my first poop accident, but it was my first at work. I'm sure it won't be the last!

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